Our team is a dynamic mix of founders, investors, artists, engineers, and leaders, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. We are headquartered in the vibrant startup scene of Santa Monica, California, just two blocks from the blue oceans of Silicon Beach.

Our founding team includes Erick Miller and Cooper Maruyama, both experienced entrepreneurs and builders. Erick is an entrepreneur and investor with multiple startup exits as a founder with five IPOs as an early stage investor. Erick's last startup was sold to Snapchat. Cooper Maruyama is a talented and driven entrepreneur and lead engineer who's played his hand in three startup exits - one notably being MarketShare, another a secret asset sale to one of the founders of GitHub.

Our advisors and investors are equally impressive, including Mike Novogratz, a Federal Reserve Bank Investment Advisor and former Chief Investment Officer at Fortress, Paul Atkins, a former SEC Commissioner and CEO of Patomak Global Partners, and Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder of Bloq and Chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

We are also proud to have the support of Bill Tai, a legendary Silicon Valley investor with over 19 IPOs to his name and Chairman of Bitfury, as well as Steven "Seven" Waterhouse, Co-Founder & CEO of Orchid Labs and previously a Partner at Pantera Capital. Their wealth of knowledge and experience, along with their unwavering support, are invaluable to our mission.

Our team's diverse backgrounds and shared passion for innovation are what drive us forward. We are committed to building a future where you own your own money. A future where transactions are private, secure, and free; where data is protected and valued; a world of abundance where everything you do is optimized with AI, and where privacy is not just an option, but a fundamental human right. We are not just building products, we are shaping the future of immersive digital interaction.