At the intersection of fintech, artificial intelligence, decentralized finance, and personal data privacy we are pioneering an immersive Web3 revolution. Our suite of products are designed to work together to enable and empower all people. We envision a world where transactions are private, secure and free; where data is immersive and protected; where everything you do is enhanced with AI, and where privacy is a fundamental human right.


CoinCircle is your one-stop for private digital payments, digital currencies and a censorship resistant decentralized digital wallet giving you power & control. CoinCircle offers a sleek secure product that simplifies the complex world of digital currencies. Whether you're an expert or a beginner looking to make your first purchase, CoinCircle provides the simplicity, tools, insights, and support you need to navigate the exciting new world of crypto with ease.


BlockBox is your secure portal to the decentralized cloud. On-chain technologies, like the intergalactic file system, ensure global decentralized availability while letting you participate in the economic rewards of decentralization -- transforming data into shared income. Permanence and accessibility of the world's most important data is a guiding principal, and as a beacon of censorship resistance -- BlockBox is shaping the future of decentralized Web3 storage.


Illuminate the future with Radian. The decentralized autonomous defi protocol with built in strategies designed to trustlessly optimize, automate and grow. Radian, designed to run natively on layer two, is inhereting all of the security, speed and savings that come with zero-knowledge L2s. Discover powerful defi strategies; Radian empowers anyone to harness the powerful future of decentralized programmable money to achieve the next stage of greatness.


In an era where your digital footprint is constantly under surveillance, Incognito provides a bastion of refuge. We stand at the vanguard of the digital rights revolution, inspired by the ethos of impenetrable privacy. With Incognito, you are equipped with tools and services that ensure your online activities remain your own: private and secure. Explore web3 URLs and dApps, engage in private dialogues, all whilst keeping your digital identity safely your own. Incognito allows you to seamlessly blend into the vastness of the digital crowd. After all -- you may not have anything to hide, but you have everything to protect.